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Mon River History

Elizabeth Area Deceased Soldiers

On Friday, June 6th, 1884 the Elizabeth Herald Weekly Newspaper carried a small article as here noted and taken from the Elizabeth Township Historical Society holdings.

OUR SOLDIER DEAD - Following is the roll of the dead called at the decoration services here on the 30th. Most of these are buried in this vicinity and all lived in Elizabeth or it's vicinity. Joseph W. Stephens, David P. Graham, George W. Shearer Sr., George W. Shearer Jr., Charles Cunningham, Oliver W. Elliot, James I. Penney, Brice Easton, John W. McConnell, Thomas Eba, John W. Warren, Charles Warren, Homer Stephens, William Sarver, John Lane, Perry Stephens, John Mansfield, Charles Baum, John McCune, Frank Craighead, Frank Lambert, William McCracken, Richard Taylor, George W. Taylor, Green Brown, Peter Wilson, William Christ Sr., William Robison, Joseph Robinson, Robert Bean, George W. Stewart, Oliver Wylie, Charles Waub, Alexander Bain, Henry Sheplar, Fritz Merithew, John Smith, Issac Wylie, James Wall, John W. Phillips, Randolph Speer, George Mahaffey, James Jester, Daniel Bell, Thomas Williams, George Kerr, William Kidnes, John Burns, Daniel Burns, _______ Wilson, Wm. Jones.
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