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The Founding of McKeesport
In 1769 David McKee applied for and received a charter to operate a skiff ferry at the Forks of the Yough, know as McKee's Ferry, which operated for a hundred years.

A survey was made November 30th, 1782 on order #1103 for 306 acres, 143 perches and allowances for the above mentioned David McKee, who died in 1795. John McKee, his son, was born in Ireland / Scotland in 1746. On November 4, 1795 he received the patent for this land on a warrant dated November 3, 1795 and listed as "McKees Port".
The pointe of McKeesport where the Yough River meets the Mon.
The "pointe" of McKeesport where the
Yough River meets the Mon.
Historic maker about David McKee and the FOunding of McKeesport PA.
Historic maker located on Eden Park Blvd
in Renziehausen Park in the southeast of
That very year it is John McKee who devised a plan to lay out a town known by that name on the site formerly known as McKee's Ferry. It was bounded by the Mon and Yough rivers and the streets of Ninth and Walnut. The new town was called McKeesport by the end of that same year and grew in both size and population for many years to come.
The first town cemetery known as the "Old Ninth Street Cemetery", was located at the corner of what is Ninth and Locust Streets today. It became so crowded over the years that the newer site called the McKeesport - Versailles Cemetery was established. The remains from "Old Ninth Street" were transfered to the new cemetery which is still in use today.
The main entrance to McKeesport - Versailles Cemetery just behind McKeesport Hospital.
The main entrance to McKeesport -
Versailles Cemetery with McKeesport
Hospital in the background.
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